Online Casino Bonuses Explained

Casino bonuses can be a profitable and generous freebie but in my experience the best casino bonuses are offered by casinos powered by the 'big 3 casino software companies' (Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic). Click here to find out more about these software providers.

However, you'll find some subtle differences in the bonus offers from casino to casino (so make sure you pick the one suited to your gaming and experience). And remember that if a bonus offer seems too good to be true it usually is and could be an indication of an unsafe casino, so be careful!

Bonus Tip

Many online gamers split their budget between several casinos, meaning they can benefit from multiple bonus offers. I personally have accounts with Spin Palace, Mummy's Gold and Ruby Fortune in addition to a few more which I occasionally play if they have good offers or new games not available at my core casinos.

When you factor in all the sign-up bonuses, monthly bonuses and loyalty bonuses this strategy has real kudos. Just split your gaming budget between each casino to make sure you get x3 the action without extra expense.

Casino bonus review

Depending on your choice of casino, you'll find several key bonus offers and features. Scroll down to check them out before you jump straight in to bank the free cash!

'Deposit' Bonuses

Deposit casino bonuses offer gamers free cash based 100% on their deposits (such as 'deposit up to £100 with your first deposit and get £100 free'). The best deposit bonuses have a 'tiered' style meaning you can continue to get an array of bonus spins and free cash with multiple deposits.

Advantages of 'deposit bonuses'
- Instant bonus cash winnings (great for experienced gamers or gamers who know they will be playing regularly)
- High, guaranteed bonus reward levels (no need to win to bank up to £1000 in free bonus money)

Dis-advantages of deposit bonuses
- No free 'real money' gaming session

'No-deposit' Bonuses

No deposit casino bonuses offer you a risk-free trial of genuine casino games, complete with a free bonus credit bank and usually an 'against the clock' style gaming sessions. With luck and skill you get the the chance to convert your credits into real winnings (often between £20 and £100).

Advantages of 'no-deposit' bonuses
- Zero risk for new gamers (great for trialling the casino before you deposit)
- No deposit needed to start the bonus
- Only deposit if you win
- Good for novice gamers/anyone new to online casinos

Dis-advantages of no-deposit bonuses
- You must win during the bonus session to receive the full bonus
- You need to make a deposit to access your winnings after the bonus session

Bonus Wagering requirements

All online casino bonus offers have in-built wagering requirements. Essentially, these bonus feature are not designed to trick you out of money, instead they are simply there to make sure both the casino and gamer has a chance to win.

In-game bonus wagering requirements
- Casino bonus gaming sessions frequently contain a 'minimum bet' limit. For example, the terms of the bonus offer may be, 'Place over 500 bets during the bonus session to activate your winnings'. Essentially the minimum bet limit simply prevents gamers from placing big bets on Red or Black at roulette, which would almost guarantee success every time!

Bonus winning withdrawal requirements
- Once you've banked the bonus cash (with a little luck, strategy or skill) you can't simply click 'withdraw' and scoop the cash! In an ideal world maybe but this would mean you could literally win £100 whenever you liked, with zero risk! Instead, you'll usually be required to meet one or two requirements:
- Make a deposit (for example, deposit £50). Once you've made the required deposit amount, your bonus winnings will be credited to your account.
- Play your bonus cash through a certain volume of bets (for example, x30 your bonus winnings). So, if you won £50 during the bonus session, you'd need to wager 30 x 50 = £1500 in bets. This may sound like a lot, but most gamers place up to 100 bets per session, meaning you can quickly achieve the target. With a little luck, strategy and logic you'll be able to cash out your deposit and game risk-free with the casino bonus cash.

Bonus Gaming limitations

Most casino bonuses have certain restrictions concerning both the games available, the maximum amount you can win and the volume and wagering level playable.

Max bet value
- Many casinos limit the max bet amount playable with bonus cash. Essentially, this prevents players from getting lucky with a single bet!

Betting volume
- Most free-play casino bonuses require you to place a certain volume of bets with the bonus cash, before you can claim your winnings.

Game availability
- Bonus sessions are often played in mini-casinos, offering a smaller selection of games than the full casino lounge (note: a good casino bonus will offer you real games available in the main casino and a range of table games, video slots and fruit machines)

Game restrictions
- Bonus winnings are not limitless and you can not strike huge jackpot wins. Check the small print on casino bonuses to see the max available win amount.

Play-through limit
- Whether you opt for a deposit bonus or free bonus gaming sessions when you sign-up to a casino you're not allowed to simply scoop the cash and withdraw instantly. Most casinos require you to play your bonus winnings through a pre-defined volume of gaming (known as 'play throughs'). Note: some games have higher play-through values than others, so check the terms and conditions whenever you snap up a new casino bonus.

Max bonus win levels

Thus far I'm yet to find an online casino with a bonus reward that is 'un-limited'. For example the biggest payout restriction is with the progressive jackpots, which aren't available to bonus gamers! However, most reputable casinos offer the chance to win up to £100 during timed bonus sessions, and cumulative deposit bonuses which can be worth anything from 100.00 to 1000.00.

Top Raking Bonus Recommendations

Spin Palace Casino Bonus *****

Spin Palace Casino have recently re-launched their sign-up bonus, offering gamers the chance to scoop up a deluxe £1000.00 in deposit match bonuses and rewards. If you're planning on playing regularly with the goal of becoming an intermediate gamer within a few months then this is one of the web's most premium bonus offers. The bonus contains a first deposit 100% match bonus of up to £150 with your first deposit, a 25% match bonus up to £125 free with your second deposit and 50% with your third deposit of up to £100. With 100 Free Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword Slot Spins every Sunday for 52 weeks and a 1 year anniversary 100% match bonus up to £105 Spin Palace is currently living up to its award winning reputation. The Spin Palace bonus cash has a x30 play-through requirement.

Ruby Fortune Casino Bonus ****

Ruby Fortune Casino offers a sweet £750 free-play bonus available without making an initial deposit. Just download the free software and click the 'Start Bonus' icon! Clicking start launches a bonus casino with a 60 minute timer; you get to keep all winnings of £25 or more, over the £750 starting bank, up to a maximum of £100. Note: Once your bonus session is over, you must make a deposit of £50 or more to bank your winnings and wager the cash through x30 play-throughs before it can be withdrawn. The advantage of of the Ruby Fortune bonus, compared to Spin Palace, is the fact you get to game without making a deposit (however Spin Palace offers a significantly greater amount of free cash).

Mummy's Gold Casino Bonus ****

Mummy's Gold Casino offers similar bonus reward to Ruby Fortune this time with a free £500 bonus bank, and 1 hour to game and win! As with Ruby Fortune you can scoop up to £100 in free bonus cash. The bonus sessions requires a minimum wager number of 100 bets to qualify for your winnings, a £50 deposit limit to claim the cash if you win, and x30 play-throughs before you can withdraw.

Long-term 'Loyalty Bonuses'

Signing-up to a few new online casinos can deliver hundreds (even thousands) in free cash rewards. However whether you strike it lucky and max-out your free wins, or are less fortunate the glamour of the sign-up bonus period doesn't last forever (although with the latest Spin Palace deposit bonus, your final reward is after 1 year of gaming!).

So does this mean you should frequently search for new online casinos to play, in search of more freebies? Well while I'm not against being on the look-out for genuinely hot casino bonus offers, it makes much more sense to take a look at the bonus incentives offered to long-term gamers at some of the top web casinos. In fact, a high-class casino loyalty scheme can offer significantly higher reward levels than sign-up bonuses.

Casino Loyalty Clubs

Deluxe online casinos have "free access" VIP Loyalty Clubs and the top websites will even automate your entry into the clubs, as soon as you download and register your account.

Essentially whenever you game, your earn points based on your wager size and volume. Loyalty Clubs traditionally contain tiers of reward, meaning as you game more, you progress through the levels to gain higher levels of reward for example...

- Bronze 50 points per 100.00 wagered
- Silver 60 points per 100.00 wagered
- Gold 65 points per 100.00 wagered
- Diamond 70 points per 100.00 wagered
- Platinum 75 points per 100.00 wagered

Once you've built-up a bonus bank of points you can redeem them for real bonus cash funds. In effect, although I play at multiple online casinos, I tend to focus the bulk of my gaming volume on as few as 3 casinos, to ensure I benefit from the free credits 'to the max'. Whether you plan on gaming with 100 bets per week or 1000 plus you can instantly start benefiting from loyalty bonuses.

Top ranking Loyalty Bonuses

Scroll down to check out some of my personal favourites when it comes to casinos that offer gold standard Loyalty Clubs, and really work hard to attain a high level of customer satisfaction with bonus extras.

Spin Palace *****

Spin Palace's free 'members only' Loyalty Club starts rewarding all gamers instantly - with every wager placed. In fact, everyone gets fair rewards, with 1 Loyalty Club Point for every £10 wagered in the casino. Once you've stacked-up 1000 points, you can cash them in for a free £10 credit.

However new gamers take note because you'll get a FREE 500 points when you sign-up! In addition, gamers can progress through 4 tiers of gaming volume offering VIP bonuses up to 7,500 plus bonus points! What I love about the Spin Palace Bonus Club is the fact that you don't have to 'bet big', to get rewards and even if you play with small stake levels, gaming regularly can produce a high enough volume for a nice stash of free credits each month.

Note: Spin Place offer frequent e-shot Newsletter Bonuses featuring special bonus games of the month, £5000 prize draws and an array of other gaming goodies. The Newsletters are a great way to keep up to date with the latest games.

Ruby Fortune ****

Ruby Fortune's offerings go into over-drive with its cool 'Cash Back' loyalty club. The club's auto-access means you'll instantly bank 500 Free Loyalty Points, just for downloading the casino software. Then, whenever you total-up £10 in stakes, you'll automatically receive 1 Loyalty Point (just stack-up 1000 points to convert your points in to £10 in free credits).

Ruby Fortune's unique loyalty system lets you earn 'points on points' with 4 progressive bonus levels where you can boost our basic Loyalty Point rewards b up to 25%. With regular newsletter promotion news via your inbox, and a cool £1000 Progressive Jackpot Bonus award for winners over £25,000 Ruby Fortune Casino remains one of my regular casino destinations.

Mummy's Gold ****

Mummy's Gold Casino's authentic Egyptian theme and sounds have always been a favourite of mine but it goes seriously hi-tech when it comes to its 'Casino VIP' loyalty scheme. The Casino VIP clubs has auto-sign-up, so you can start benefiting instantly! Mummy's Gold delivers classic progressive loyalty club with 5 payout zones; Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond level. As soon as you start gaming, the points start accumulating and with bonus email bulletins sent to you on a regular basis, it delivers a new element of surprise to your casino experience. The awesome platinum level is triggered by earning 500,000 points or more and delivers 75 Loyalty Points for every £100 wagered on slots games, and 43 points per £100 bet at the tables. However, even bronze members can scoop up to 50 points per £100 wagered, and claim £20 per 10,000 points accumulated! Mummy's Gold offers monthly email updates featuring bonus games and all the new releases that are 'must-plays' (so you get to play them before anyone else at inferior casinos!).

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