Player Reviews and Ratings for Spin Palace

Flagship casino of the UK based Palace Group, Spin Palace has been in operation since 2002. It is Microgaming powered and licensed in Malta.

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Rated 3.5/5 from 24 Player-Ratings.

Out of all of the Microgaming casinos, this is my favorite as not only is it an entertainment powerhouse with all of its games and promotional offerings, but it is professionally run and I have been impressed at every point of contact, especially in my native language which is German and the fact that the softwar is fully translated. They also look after loyal players with a host of rewards and personalised service that you will find it hard to find anywhere else. If there is only one place that you play at, then this is the one. I have never had a problem in all of the years I've played here and that is saying something!

I agree with the other review here, Spin Palace is also one of my favorite MG Casinos and I've played here for years with little to no issues at all. They have always offered great games, awesome promotions and outstanding service. I have always been paid on time and they actually pay winnings all in one payment. This may seem run of the mill but it's not, some casinos pay you out in installments over months and months so you never see the grand total. This casino is the total package and when you find it you stick with it...and then you get loyalty rewards and after playing a lot like I have you get VIP invitations and treatment

Best Microgaming Casino EVER. Don't even bother playing anywhere else - this is the one! Love it and have never had a single moment's misery in 5 years.

This is the best Microgaming casino by far, I've played at many over the years and very few can even come close. I am not going to point out all of the good parts - take it from me, it's mostly good. The only thing that could be better are the WR on bonuses...30x is a bit steep, especially when many of the games I love don't count for much, but this seems to be the new industry standard and is the ONLY negative things I can say. If you've been duped by other casino out there I can sympathise and say that it won't happen here.

Tried this casino for the first time because it was recommended on your site. It is everything you say it is in terms of quality, service and games offering. I even won here. What is not impressive is the amount of documents you have to submit to cashout and I think the wait to receive funds should be shorter. Hoping this is just a first time thing and future payments will be quicker. That said though I will definitely be playing here again.

This casino is what everyone says it is, a real gem! My only issue is that I've been waiting for 10 days for my withdrawal to be processed and while I've been told my funds are on their way, customer support wasn't very friendly and can't give me an explanation for the delay which is VERY unprofessional. From the other reviews here it seems that payouts aren't usually a problem but it just sucks that I am the exception to the rule :-(

I have played at this casino for a few months now and have been nothing but impressed. Over the years I've had numerous issues with other online casinos from dodgy practices, predatory bonus terms and just lack of service and care in general. As far as I've seen, Spin Palace has none of these. On your first withdrawal they do the standard document requests you'll get this everywhere, so no use stressing about it and the first payment takes the longest, after that it is smooth sailing. Would definitely recommend Spin Palace.

I recently won $3,856 at Spin Palace and as I have never withdraw from the casino they asked me to send through my documents I have done so 3 times and followed up, every time there is no record of them and I am asked to resend them again. This is compeletely frustrating and it just feels like I am never gong to get paid! Is this a scam?

Not sure what this issue is with withdrawing funds for the first time from Spin Palace. I am also a new player, recently won $5228 and upon withdrawal request I was sent forms to fill in to prove my identity and also asked to submit personal docs. Did all of this and I received my money in 4 days. No issues or fuss.

I'm a VIP at Spin Palace and I couldn't be happier I no longer play anywhere else because nowhere rewards you like they do. In the 5 years I have been playing here I have been invited on a Mediteranean cruise and a trip to Mexico. Their promotions are great and payments are not an issue either way. A professional, awesome place to play.

spin Palace is the only place i play, never a moments irritation here. they know how to treat their players and everything always runs smoothly. i always get my money on time and when you win they pay out all at once, none of this instalment crap like at some others.

I totally disagree with all the positive reviews here I've played here, won a little and they won't let me cashout. how dishonest!

Probably one of the best online casinos I've played at in terms of casino game selection, promotions and overall experience. The only thing I can complain about is the customer support which isn't the friendliest or most responsive but granted I've only needed to contact them once so maybe I just got someone on their off day.

When an online casino has a loyalty program like this one does why would you bother to play anywhere else? Agreed with Anja K - I've also been on a trip with them as well as a few VIP events and they go all out to impress. I am yet to find another casino that treats its players as well as spin does.

Maybe they reserve their special treatment for VIP players because I haven't received anything great from them. I just think that they send WAY too many e-mails, I have unsubscribed from promo's to no avail and in fact I recently dealt with their customer service department and was a disappointed at the lack of effort in assisting me with being removed from their promotional database. They offer a great online casino with all of my favourite games but I really just wish they would honour my request and privacy and stop sending so many mails.

If you want to play at the best Microgaming powered online casino then Spin Palace is it. Nothing more I need to say.

I don't see what all the hype is about with this casino. there support staff are not always that friendly and to me its the same as all other casinos. I've played at better ones.

I had played as some pretty crappy online casinos and was about to give up altogether after one bad experience after another, they all just seemed to be dishonest and I was sick of wasting my time and money and being spammed. I complained about it to a friend of mine who recommended this casino to me and I am so glad that she did! What a difference in, well everything! I am nothing but impressed and yesterday I got my first withdrawal straight to my bank account after 2 days with no hassles. If others have disappointed you try Spin Palace.

No casino is perfect, well to me anyway, but Spin Palace is definitely the only one I have consistently played at for the last few years. In comparison to their competitors they are ahead of the pack in almost every area. They could send less promotional mailers and I know I could always opt out but they do contain good offers from time to time, so I guess you have to compromise to get the benefits.

Today is my 10th anniversary as a player at Spin Palace and I thought it was about time to post something about this casino which, in my book has stood the test of time and kept me entertained on and off for almost a decade. Yes, as with anything in life we've had our ups and downs when I have won and lost or my payment was a little late or I didn't get any bonuses for a while, but on the whole it has been one great ride filled with many happy hours of play. I\'ve been treated really well and rewarded for my loyalty and I have never felt disappointed by the service I have received from the people behind the scenes here. There have been other casinos along the way but Spin Palace is always a constant...here's to many more years of fun together!

how long does it take to get your money from this place my withdrawal has taken over a week and its 1000 Euro - not exactly a small amount to be waiting for their pending time was longer than 48 hours and the money is supposed to be on its way but im still waiting unacceptable

I love Spin Palace and find that their blackjack tables are the best that I\'ve played at. At other venues you never seem to win but here the games seem to be fair and I often find my balance in the positive range. I like the fact that new games are added often so it's not just the same old standard 3 game variants for years on end. My only complaint is that they don't really offer me bonuses and specials like other players get. I have a friend that plays slots here and she is always getting things, but I guess I make more money off them than she does. Unlike others here I have never had an issue with withdrawal times so maybe it's the the payment method you are using or something? Really think they are honest from my experience

They phone my house 2X every week! I have asked them not to call me, and they still do! SAD! Also, you can not withdraw anything less than $50

Spin Palace Mobile Casino ="VERY-DANGEROUS" DO-NOT-REGISTER-TO-THIS-CASINO!!!!!!! Guy's Be Very Careful, DO-NOT-REGISTER-TO-THIS-CASINO AND DO NOT TAKE THE BONUS!!!!!!!! South African Company Very Corrupted!!!!! Website: www.spinpalace.com I want to share with you guy's, how this Company ( Spin Palace Mobile Casino ) take all my money & all my winnings!!!! They are advertise that they will give you $ 1,000 if you register! That's a VERY BIG LIE!!! Company "Spin Palace Mobile Casino" they have taken my money + my winnings and block my account! I will like to explain my situation! I have an Canadian phone plan, when I'm downloading App's on my iPhone the App Store give me automatically app's in English not Romanian! I have download this App (Spin Palace) from App Store (Apple.ca), I just wanted to have so fun! This Company, they advertising so nice, 1000 $ Bonus if you just Register and Play! The big problem is that I can speak good English but Write and Read it is not good! The don't want to hear nothing and I did not understand the Terms and Agreements, because they don't have nothing in Romanian language! I call them so many times, but they refuse to help me! They are very sneaky, to let you to fall into their trap, I did register and I transferred my first $ 150 in to my account in this casino they give me an 100 % extra of $ 150 = I had happily total of $ 300. I have play the $ 300 and l did not won!!! :-( Next, I have place my second amount of $ 530 and they give me an other amount 25 % $ 182.50 total of = $ 712.50. I went to play Roulette, I bet $ 500 and I have win :-) = $ 500!!!!! My total balance in my account: $ 1,662.50 Now the big problem is that I wanted to Cash Out 'Withdrawal' to my bank and on my account are saying, ( Withdrawal Not Allowed )???? You have not met the minimum play through required for you to perform a withdrawal? I have call them 15 times and ask them what is the problem? And I ask them what is the minimum play required then to be able to cash money out? They have said that I must play for every game minimum of $ 10 for 6043 times? I have count that and it came out of total amount: $ 60,430??? I ask them very kind, to give me back my money and they have said: While reviewing your account, we noticed that you were previously advised that our Banking Department is unable to assist you with regards to removing the Bonus from your account, as well as refunding the Deposits made. You must play, that all you can do! I have sad that, I don't want to play again and they have said: Regarding your account being locked! My account is now closed, all my money + the winnings total of = $ 1,662.50 are taken... I have deposit total of $ 680... :-( This Casino is very smart to take all my money and they are playing me by there ones rules and not give me any help or understanding of letting me to withdrawal my money in to my bank! Please guy's be carful do not register and not agree with the terms!!! Learn from me, ok? Kind Regards, Alan from Canada