American Express and Online Casinos

American Express Not Accepted

If you're looking to play at an online casino and use your American Express (Amex) credit card to fund or withdraw from your account you may come across a number of review sites promising that it will be possible and a problem free process at various online casinos.

For the most part, this is often false and misleading advertising. We've seen many sites claiming that Bet365 and Betway Casino accept Amex, but neither of these casinos do. So it's very important to check these sources before you sign up to play.

While there are some online casinos that really do accept Amex, they are rare and the ones we've seen are often far from reputable, and you'll often find them included on the casino blacklists. Even if you do manage to find a reputable online or mobile casino accepting payments via Amex it doesn't necessarily mean that the issuing the bank will do the same. This is the primary reason that most online casinos do not currently accept Amex, they know from experience that the transactions will probably be declined.

Part of the motivation for rejecting online gambling related transaction comes from American Express' protection of their brand identity and reputation, which is synonymous with prestige and serving an elite clientele. While there are many gamblers amongst this clientele group, yet still, the remnants of the stigma of old associated with gambling remain.

In addition, the legal complications arising from US and other countries anti-online gambling legislation are another reason why American Express has opted out of offering the service in many instances. Add to this the potential fraud risks where players make large deposits at casinos, lose the money and then claim that their cards were stolen or hacked and the reasons just keep piling up.

The outlook for the future and change in this arena does not look promising. In spite of some U.S states looking to legalise online gambling, it is unlikely that Amex, who is very successful without gambling clientele, will consider revising their underwritten policy of avoiding the majority of online gaming transactions.

That said though, if Amex is your only method of payment, it can be used to fund web wallets like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill, which you can then use to fund your gaming activities. If however you want to use a credit card directly, you'll need to consider signing up for a Visa or Mastercard as these providers do not have the same stance on gambling that Amex does.