Why you don't always have to Bet the Max in Slots

For years casino players have heard and largely adhered to the slots strategy and advice that one should always bet the maximum coin size in order to earn the highest possible payout rate on slots. This was especially true when playing progressive slot machines as many require players to do so in order to qualify for the big jackpots.

While this advice was true in the past, the world of slots has changed considerably over the past decade and with the advent of new generation slots games, much of the former slots advice is no longer relevant. Here we'll take a look at why betting the max when playing newer slots is not always the golden rule.

Side Bets in Progressive Games

While slots experts would always advise players to bet the maximum in order to qualify for the jackpot and top payout rates, this is not a given on new generation games. Many modern slots have a standard wager and an additional $1 side bet to qualify for the progressive jackpot prize. In fact, some machines allow you to wager the minimum without forfeiting the payout as long as you make the side bet. It is therefore always very important to check the game's help screen and paytable in order to ascertain how payouts are determined and then to play accordingly for maximum returns.

The existence of Random Progressive Slots

One of the most popular introductions to slots play in recent years has to be Random Progressive Slots. With these machines, the jackpot grows with every bet that is placed and the jackpot prize is randomly awarded to a lucky player regardless of whether they win their original bet or not. The key attraction to these machines is that you can qualify for the jackpot regardless of whether you wager a penny or a dollar.

It is however important to note that when playing most progressive jackpots it does still pay to bet the max due to the fact that payout rate is influenced by the size of the bets you make. So in betting the max you will be in line for higher long term paybacks, but if you can't afford to play in this manner, then there's no shame in playing the minimum and going for the jackpot.

You generally don't have to wager all of the coins

In days of old, 3 reel slots required players to bet all of the available coins in order to qualify for the major jackpot prize. The basic premise of this was based on the fact that these jackpots would jump disproportionately from 1000 coins to 4000 coins when adjusting your bet size from 1 to 3 coins.

While this is true for some casino slots offered today, it is definitely not applicable to all machines and many modern slots don't require you to bet more than a single coin per spin. Again, it is important to reiterate that you should always check the help screen and paytable before assuming that you don't need to bet the max as this is the only way to ascertain what the requirements of a particular machine are and avoid any unexpected surprises.