Slot Machine Tips

Slots & Progressive Jackpot Strategy

Online Slots, like those featured at land based casinos, are essentially based on luck and while I used to think I knew how to beat the machines as a novice, the fact is you do need serious luck to win huge jackpots! However, while you may not be able to use skill to win, you most certainly 'game smart' and boost your game-time and potentially your chances of jackpot success. Check out the quick-play online slot tips below.

Pay line activation

Slot payouts are struck when you match a winning combination on a pay line. However, many big slot games and progressive jackpot machines feature multiple pay lines, including jackpot bonus pay lines. As a novice gamer, I made the mistake of placing my whole spin budget on a single pay line meaning I missed out on any win on the other pay lines (ouch!). Now, potentially you could spin a million dollar jackpot combo, but not get the pay out! So the most fundamental slot tips is to always ensure you play with the full coin number needed for full pay line activation!

Coin size

You should play with the biggest coin size that lets you activate all the pay lines, without exceeding your spin budget. You can play slot games from as little as 0.01 to 0.10 per coin, so you do not need a huge budget.

Level spin values

As a novice online slot gamer, I used to play with totally random spin values ranging from 0.01, to 5.00 or even 10.00 per spin if my bank was looking good. However this was a massive mistake, and a big 'NO NO' for new casino players. Why? Simply put you run the risk of hitting lucky sessions with low spin values, and then getting unlucky with your high value spins! Imagine winning a 5000 coin jackpot with 0.01, and then hitting a nightmare run of luck with 10.00 spins (frustrating or what!). So set yourself a sensible level stakes spin value and consistently game with the same liability! If your slot bank increases, then you can increase 'all' of your spin values.

If you enjoy online slots and are looking for a little variation, then you may want to try playing a game of Video Poker which is a little more challenging and requires both luck and skill.