Casino Cautions

Casino Warnings

While there are many safe, secure and trustworthy casinos like Casumo Casino on the net that you'll never have to be concerned about playing at, there are of course many that we wouldn't recommend to you for some reason or another. This list has been compiled as a result of player complaints about various casinos as well as our own player experiences with them.

This operator brand has ceased to exist

Some properties featured here may have fair reputations overall but have a few issues that you should consider carefully before signing up. Others should just be avoided at all costs.

The decision is, of course, yours and the purpose of this section is not to just out and out "rogue" casinos for every little thing but rather to ensure that you make informed decisions as to where you play so that you are guaranteed a quality, hassle free experience every step of the way.

  • African Palace Casino ‐ This casino has exceptionally slow payouts, and has been known to pay out even their biggest jackpots in be warned that you may have to wait months before you get your winnings and withdrawals out and could then receive them in dribs and drabs.
  • Bethedealer ‐ this is another slow and often times non‐paying casino. Customer support is non‐responsive and we are left wondering if it even exists.
  • Cool Cat Casino ‐ If you've heard of them then you've probably been offered their "free chip" no deposit offer. This is how most people sign up here and this is yet another slow/no paying casino. They use the terms and conditions as a way to void winnings so if you have done something like not depositing between entering the free chip codes you received your winnings will not be paid out. There is also no formal route of recourse should you have any problems with them because there is simply no one regulating them.
  • Lucky Ace Casino and Poker ‐ They started out strong and then refused to pay out winnings to legitimate winners citing "bonus abuse". They were also caught displaying a counterfeit Ecogra logo on their siteif they are deceitful about that, then what else are they being dodgy about?
  • Casino Rewards (Golden Tiger, Classic Casino) ‐ Cashouts here are limited to $4000 on ANY win exceeding five times the amount deposited, which makes it extremely difficult for a player to cash out and usually leads to you putting the money back into the casino. You also won't find out about this as it is in an additional page of terms and conditions that you probably would never look at. Another annoying feature is the 48 hour pending withdrawal period and refusal to flush cashouts even upon player request. That's simply not acceptable! Show us a land based Casino that says "Congratulations on your win. Now you only have to wait 2 days until we start processing it, and you might get your money in a week or so...". We understand the business model behind these rules, the casino wants you to play your winnings/balances back during the pending period and that is of course their prerogative, but the least they could do is allow the player to request a flush. There are a host of similar casinos out there with the same software and more favourable business practices, so there is no need to sign up at a Casino Rewards Casino. But perhaps the most irritating and ongoing issue is the copious amounts of SPAM that players receive from casinos in this group. Their unsubscribe buttons generally don't work and requests to unsubscribe via their support staff appear to be helpful but the issues do not cease. Rather avoid all casinos in this group and save yourself a whole lot of trouble.
  • InetBet ‐ When you deposit and play here and you win, you can be sure that your winnings will arrive on time. There is no enforced cap on cashouts, which is good. Not so good is that as a bigger punter you will receive next to no bonus offers. It seems the casino is designed for small time players. So if you are a high stakes player, then it's best to play somewhere else that values your business, however if you are a penny player, then Inetbet is good casino to choose. With regard to the ongoing payout debate on whether their slots are tight or not...we can't say really much. You'll need to play and decide for yourself.
  • Intertops ‐ We've heard from a number of players that the slots are very tight here and yield very low RTP (Return to Player). From our experiences of depositing huge amounts over months with no wins worth mentioning, we can confirm that. This Casino also does not respect the wishes of Problem Gamblers requesting account closures or limitations and instead these players are answered with regular free money bonus offers. We would avoid Intertops casino as it is a rogue operation in our opinion, however we cannot comment on their Sportsbook as we have neither heard of or had negative experiences here.
  • Club World Casinos, Manhattan Slots, Lucky Red ‐ As with Inetbet, you will get your winnings paid out when you are lucky enough to have won something. However, these casinos have an annoying weekly cashout cap of 3000 Dollars, so you'd never want to win a jackpot here! Essentially Clubworld Casino is designed for Penny Players but they let you bet $125 per Spin and when you win the $30k or more jackpots with that enormous bet you wait up to 10 weeks or more to get your full winnings paid out. The Casino is definitely not short of funds; again it's the hope that the player will play the winnings back before the 10 weeks are over that drives this business strategy and we're sure it is one that works, so why take the chance?
  • Intercasino ‐ This is truly an honest casino ‐ so it is definitely not a blacklisted property by any means, it just has a few features that we don't like, and one to specifically take note of if you are a slots player...Before their redesign, Intercasino published their monthly slots payouts on their website. The numbers generally floated between 91% and 92% which, for an online casino operation whose costs do not rival that of a Brick and Mortar Casino, are not high enough and will mean that the RTP is low. An Online Casino should pay at least 95% ‐ we are not in an Australian Pub where the Pokie pays that low to drunken patrons. However if you do play here and are lucky enough to win something, you will get paid very quickly but we still wouldn't recommend playing here to slots enthusiasts.
  • Virtual Casino Group (including Cool Cat Casino above as well as Bet Royal, Cirrus, Club Player, Dreams Casino, Lady Lucks Casino, Palace of Chance, Party City Casino, Prism Casino, The Virtual Casino, VIP lounge Casino, Wild Vegas Casino) ‐ With a name like that they could have been great...unfortunately the complaints about this group and their casinos continue to pile up and include everything from locking accounts after deposits to withholding winnings to the value of hundreds of thousands of dollars and illegally operating clone casinos (they have different landing pages with different designs and name but are all essentially the same casino. When you sign up at more than one property, they penalise you by locking your accounts and keeping the deposits stating that you have "multiple accounts"). Nothing good seems to come out of this group so if you see the light blue V in a dark blue circle when you download push "cancel" and stop immediately.
  • Grand Priv Casinos (Bella Vegas, Casino Grand Bay, Fortune Junction, Jupiter Club, Jackpot Wheel, Lake Palace, Roadhouse Reels) ‐ this group is blacklisted across the internet for offering bonuses and then denying use and withdrawals and keeping deposits and accusing players of bonus abuse. They are also no longer affiliated to the reputable Microgaming Software group and now run on BetonSoft software (which is totally inferior). Evidently there are some financial problems here and your money won't be safe, so please don't consider playing here.
  • Cleopatra's Casino ‐ continuous player complaints have been received regarding non‐payment and missing withdrawals at this casino. Try to contact them and you'll get an immediate auto‐reply but never a real answer from customer support (that is if there is any?). Definitely, one to avoid.
  • Mighty Slots Casino ‐ It's like withholding winnings and then hiding is in the dodgy casino handbook! This is yet another casino that doesn't pay, doesn't have customer support and confiscates winnings. There are definitely MUCH better places to play slot!
  • Eldorado Casino ‐ If you play at this casino and win and request a withdrawal on some of your winnings but keep playing with the remaining balance you will find yourself in trouble. According to this casino their T&C's do not permit further play when you have withdrawals pending and they WILL confiscate the balance. WHAT???? Oh, and then they don't have customer support, so don't bother calling, faxing or e‐mailing, nobody is there.
  • City Club Casino ‐ This casino has had numerous complaints over the years regarding less than savoury business practices which include predatory Terms & Conditions when it comes to bonuses, wagering requirements and cashouts, not paying players what they are owed and most recently restricting a $55,000 win to a maximum payout of $6,000 based on these terms and conditions. Also when dealing with these kinds of player disputes, the casino is uncooperative. This is definitely a casino you want to avoid.
  • Brightshare/Jackpot Factory Casinos (All Slots, All Jackpots, First Web, VIP Lounge and Wild Jack casino) ‐ Don't think that just because you've read an online casino's Terms & Conditions when you signed up that they will always remain the same. This group of casinos recently changed their terms (with no notifications to players of course) and now have a 4000 credits cashout limit PER WEEK, unless you are playing in Swedish Krona or Norwegian Krone, if so you'll then have a maximum of 20,000 credits per week limit. The group does not elaborate on whether or not this will apply to jackpot wins but it is generally against Microgaming policies to payout totals in bits and pieces so that is a positive at least.
  • Win Palace is an RTG powered online casino that has received a number of player complaints across the forums, this is due to the fact that they payout winnings in instalinstalmentson wins as little as $1000. This information is listed in the terms and conditions but it's still a really frustrating practice and there are many other places to play that will pay your winnings out all at once. In addition, it often takes this casino in excess of 10 business days to process your withdrawal request.