Don't Believe these Common Blackjack Myths

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As veteran blackjack players we often hear some pretty outrageous stories from people about how their "perfect game" or bet was affected by other players, or how they ended up being dealt the dealer's "bust card". The scary thing though is how these stories spread from one player to another, often becoming collective myths amongst players.

Here we'll take a look at these common blackjack myths and why there is no real truth to them, so that you can stop worrying about them and start enjoying your blackjack game.

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Players entering or exiting a game affecting your results

We've all experience it at one time or another ‐ our blackjack game is going well until someone new, who invariably seems to know very little about the game sits down at the table or a good player leaves the table. While it may seem like a proven fact that someone has affected your game, the truth of the matter is that players cannot really affect your game.

You'll probably often hear players complaining that other players joined or left the game, messing up the cards, and leaving them worse off, but effect is difficult to prove due to the random nature of blackjack. Of course, our brains are programmed to look for patterns and causality in everything we do, but often we make connections and fill in the blanks with so-called "facts" that don't really exist.

There is nothing inherently special about the number of spots that were in play before or after someone has entered or left the game and there was definitely no guarantee that you would continue to win if a certain person didn't enter or exit the game. The player entering or leaving just happens to be a convenient scapegoat for us to attribute blame to when things don't go our way.

Hot and Cold Tables

Many players believe that hot and cold tables exist in casinos. Generally if you've won 10 or more hands in a row, it's easy and partly correct to refer to the table as hot, but that in no way guarantees that you'll win in the subsequent ten hands. Of course, if you're on a winning streak and someone new sits down at the table and you suddenly begin to lose, as mentioned above, your brain will automatically link that person to the change of events and attribute blame to them, but the reality of the matter is that hot and cold tables don't exist. Sometimes you'll win in blackjack and sometimes you'll lose ‐ that is the nature of gambling and if you can't accept that, don't play.

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Other players Strategy Mistakes affecting you

Many blackjack players claim that unless all players at a table play according to sound basic blackjack strategy, none of the players will be able to win. This is a widely held misconception amongst players who blame a novice player for everyone's bad luck or lack of competent game play.

Again there is no truth to this belief and how someone else plays has no effect on any other player at the table, because over the long run, everything always evens out.

In fact, you should be happy when you encounter a bad player as they are what ensures that the game of blackjack remains viable for skilled players, because without them, the casinos wouldn't be able to keep offering a game where players can lower the odds to their advantage, thus minimising house profits.

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Getting the dealer's bust card

When a novice player hits when he/she shouldn't and ends up busting while the dealer makes a hand, many players believe that he/she has taken the dealers bust card. It may seem like that is the case but no one can know the order of the undealt cards, so you can't blame a player for costing the table when he/she could have been saving it instead, it is a mathematical fact that there is always a 50/50 chance that either of these events will happen. This ultimately means that there is no such thing as a player "taking the dealer's bust card" and affecting your game because of it.

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