Disappointing Game of Thrones Slot Preview

The boring GOT base game graphics

The Game of Thrones Slot based on the epic HBO television series which has captivated the imagination and attention of audiences across the globe for four consecutive seasons is probably one of the most highly anticipated slots releases ever. As such, Microgaming has released a preview teaser of the game in the hopes of whetting player's appetites and preparing us for the official launch in December 2014.

Of course, the minute our team heard the preview was out we headed over to YouTube to take a look at what we could expect from the 5-reel mega slot that offers players a choice of either a 15 payline OR 243 Ways to Win game, which in itself is a high innovative feature that is sure to be met with much approval by players.

Unfortunately the excitement was short lived and the preview met with a resoundingly disappointed silence as we watched the trailer unfold across our screens. If the preview is anything to go by ‐ and one would expect that it is given the fact that these generally feature the very best of what we can expect of a game...HOW could a software giant, renowned for amazing graphics and legendary slots like Microgaming get this so very wrong???

Along with the awesome Game of Thrones theme tune, we expected to discover reels decorated with the characters like Khaleesi (Daenerys Targaryen), Jon Snow, Tyrion and Cersei Lannister and the like from Game of Thrones as well as perhaps appearances of the dragons, direwolves and even a few white walkers across the reels, but instead we are met with the mundane gold alphabetical KQJA lettering, house insignia coins, the Game of Thrones logo and the only semi-interesting graphic, the Iron Throne.

Cinematic Spins Graphics may be the saving grace

Of course Microgaming has included its epic Cinematic Free Spins and featured clips from the show's scenes and here you'll find the much anticipated dragons, direwolves and white walkers which may be the games saving grace graphically as they are, as can be expected, quite spectacular. Yet still there is not a hint of the show's beloved characters and until the game's features are triggered unlocking the video footage you're sure to be rather bored by the graphics of the base game.

Here's to REALLY hoping that Microgaming is going against the precedent set by previous game previews like the one we saw for the blockbuster hit Jurassic Park Slot and really keeping the best parts of the game for the launch and that we'll be able to publish a retraction of these opinions in December because really and truly we are still hoping against the odds that we will be stunned by the final product launch in December and that this sinking feeling will be replaced by jubilation.