Game of Thrones Slot Released...The Verdict

On the 1st of December 2014 Microgaming launched the highly anticipated Game of Thrones Slot, which is now live at Betway Casino. A few months back, Microgaming released a preview teaser of the slot, which by all accounts was pretty disappointing and even more so if you've ever played the Las Vegas version produced by Aristocrat.

In all fairness, it was a gargantuan task to produce anything that remotely lived up to the hit HBO television series, and the hype had been built up so much during the course of the year that the first glance of the rather boring graphics left us wondering..."is that it"? Especially because Microgaming's other recently launched movie themed slots like Jurassic Park and Terminator have been simply outstanding.

When the game went live at the casinos, we of course decided to give it another shot in order to ascertain whether Microgaming had many any changes and perhaps kept all the best features a secret...

While the design of the game has not been altered and the graphics they have used, whether due to licensing constraints or not, are still quite boring and not what one would expect given the colourful array of characters they could have used, the quality is still beyond reproach.

Game of Thrones Slot Preview

Loads of Free Spins to be earned!

In addition, the cinematic clips that are incorporated into the game are quite breath taking. While there are a number of bonus screen options to choose from ‐ they really all only offer free spins, so there's not much variety to enjoy BUT it does make the game pretty rewarding.

In fact, the one thing that we obviously couldn't tell from the preview was how the slot would fair in terms of payouts and in this case, it is a winner. In just a few short days the player forums are abuzz with winning screenshots and even after our own session we finished with a tidy profit ‐ something that is not always the case with the larger, TV and movie themed slots titles.

So if you can put up with slightly less flashy graphics, whose monotony is broken by the Cinematic Spins and Free Spins bonus features, then you too could claim a king's ransom in winnings in the quest for the Iron Throne. Ultimately it's a solid offering and one that you probably won't regret taking advantage of.