Land Based Casino vs Online Casino Craps

There are a few significant differences between craps played at land based and online casinos. For the most part, playing craps online is a great deal easier and less stressful which makes it the ideal place to try this new game if you haven't before.

Here we'll take a look at the main differences between the two variations so that you'll know exactly what to expect when playing this exciting game at your favourite online casino.

Craps Etiquette

Like most casino games at brick and mortar venues, Craps also has a certain element of etiquette that keeps players in check and the experience a pleasant one. In a live game, you will need to be aware of when you are allowed to bet and also should avoid saying the supposedly jinxed word "Seven" as well as openly celebrating if you bet against the shooter/point and win.

Obviously, there is a great deal more to etiquette that you need to learn for land-based games but when you play online you don't need to worry about any of it as it is just you versus the house and even in Live Dealer games you won't have to concern yourself with offending other craps players. This takes a whole lot of pressure off you and allows you to focus on the game at hand.

Tipping Dealers

Tipping Craps dealers and staff is customary in land based casinos and is usually done by placing a bet for the dealer or you can simply place chips on the table and indicate to the dealer that it is a tip.

In an online game you are not required to tip as for the most part there is no one to tip (dealers are automated software unless you play live dealer games but there is no way to tip them and it is generally not expected), so playing online saves you money.

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Throwing the Dice

In a live game of craps you are required to handle the dice with a single hand and throw it so that it hits the wall at the far end of the table. The stickman and boxman (casino staff working the Craps table) will be monitoring this to ensure that you don't slide the dice along the table or set them so that they don't bounce. This can all be rather nerve-wracking, especially if there is a bit crowd watching you too.

At the online craps tables you never need to worry about handling the dice or throwing it a certain way, you simply need to click your mouse to execute a random dice throw and voila!

Protecting your Casino Chips

When playing at the craps tables, players generally keep their unbet chips in the rail in front of them but it is still necessary to ensure that no one is stealing them while you get caught up in the game. It is also necessary to keep an eye on the chips you place on the table to ensure that the dealers are putting them where you want them and that you are getting paid the correct amount if you win and to pick up any chips you don't want to parlay on the next round.

When you play online there is a lot less to worry about as no one has access to your bankroll or chips and all wins are calculated automatically by the software and added to your account balance. No accidental bets can ever be parlayed as the table is automatically cleared at the start of each round.

Placing Bets

While both live and online casino craps play requires you to have a working knowledge of the layout of the craps table, when you play at a brick and mortar venue you will need to know where to place the chips in order to indicate to the dealer where you want the bets to be placed. This can get rather complex and be embarrassing and even cause you an unintended loss if your bet ends up in the wrong place because you put the chips in the wrong place initially.

When you play online craps you place your bets directly onto the table so your seating position does not matter and you are not required to indicate to a dealer where you want wagers placed. You simply move your mouse and click to assign chips.


Generally craps house edge and odds are pretty similar between online and live casinos, although online casinos do offer more game variations which may have a few variances. These rules of these games and the associated payouts are generally published within the games information page so it's pretty easy to pick up on any differences.

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Game Speed

Game speed is generally faster at online casinos due to the fact that the game is fully automated so there is no need to wait for humans to calculate and payout winning bets. There is also no physical movement on the part of the player or casino staff when playing online so no one can dawdle or interrupt the game and waste your time.

You can however play the game at your own speed, so there is no pressure to place your bets and make decisions like there would be at a live craps table.


When playing at a land based casino, craps is an exciting game with a huge buzz. The tables attract crowds and there is often a great deal of interaction and camaraderie. When playing online, the fun doesn't come from the buzz of the crowd but rather from being able to learn to play the game well and of course from winning, but it is decidedly less sedate.