Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot Passes the 10 Million Mark

Microgaming's Mega Moolah progressive jackpot has been in a steady climb over the last few months and has recently surpassed the 10 million mark, growing at a massive 65,000 credits per day as players from across the globe play it to win what would be for anyone an utterly life changing jackpot. At this point it is a history making total ‐ the largest it has ever been since the slot was released back in November 2006.

Industry insiders are still in shock that the jackpot has not yet been hit ‐ especially with the number of people playing it but the jackpot has remained firm and there is no upper limit on the amount it can reach so every day it grows until one lucky winner's life will change forever thanks to the fact that Microgaming powered online casinos payout the entire winning total in a single lump sum instead of in instalments over years like other providers do.

Mega Moolah has since its launch been Microgaming's most popular and renowned progressive slot thanks to its record breaking wins and instant payouts. The game features a jackpot wheel with four jackpots up for grabs including a mini, minor, major and mega jackpot prize.

The Microgaming staff are waiting with baited breath as they anticipate the next big winner, and according to John Quinn, Head of Casino at Microgaming the excitement is shared by their operators and players alike, after all, this will be the slots largest recorded win in its history.

Adding to the anticipation are the questions of which currency the jackpot will be won in as it pays out in the currency the player plays in ‐ so players from the UK playing in Pounds will be paid out at 10,000,000 should they win, Euro players will win €10,000,000 and US or Canadian Dollar players the equivalent in CAD or USD respectively.

The last Mega Moolah Jackpot winner was from Canada, saving Microgaming a fortune in the payout when compared with the GBP value at the time but in true reputable software provider fashion, instead of re-setting the counter to the 1 million credit mark that is its default, it kicked off at a massive 3 million credits instead.

Time will tell what denomination will be played and where the winner will come from, and every Microgaming powered online casino is hoping that it will be one of their players as this will make for some amazing PR and advertising material, not to mention bragging rights on being home to the largest Mega Moolah winner in history.

The suspense is definitely tangible as the jackpot could hit tomorrow or continue to grow past the 15 million mark...but the fact remains, you have to play to win. Click here for tips on how to increase your winning potential on progressive jackpot slots.