Online Roulette Tournaments

If you're a regular at online casinos you've probably noticed that they host a variety of regular slots and blackjack tournament. If you're a roulette player you may be wondering if there are any online roulette tournaments of a similar nature to those on offer for other casino games.

The answer is that online roulette tournaments are relatively rare, that said from time to time online casinos do host these type of events, so check the calendar at your favourite place to play regularly and if you do happen to find one, enter as they are a great deal of fun.

Each online casino will have their own rules and criteria for their roulette tournaments but the following basics generally apply...

Selecting an online roulette tournament

As mentioned above roulette tournaments are still few and far between but if you do happen to come across a few at once - which will probably happen more as they increase in popularity, the following criteria:

  • Entry Fee
  • Date and time
  • Minimum and Maximum betting limits
  • Prizes
  • Number of payouts

How to Enter

Generally online roulette tournament entries are buy-in based. The amount of the buy-in will vary depending on the size of the prize that is up for grabs.

Once you pay the buy in fee you will be given the same number of chips as all of the other entrants and this will be your allocation for the duration of the tournament unless the particular tournament makes provision for re-buys. Something you will need to ascertain before entering so that you know what you're working with.

Usually online tournaments consist of hundreds or even thousands of entrants from across the globe, with tables usually accommodating 20 people per round. You will be able to monitor your progress on a scoreboard which displays the details of each participant's score and standing.

How Online Roulette Tournaments work

The majority of roulette tournaments at online casinos are based on basic roulette game rules and function much in the same way with the exception that they are played in rounds. The winner of each round and ultimately the tournament prize will be determined by the number of chips held by each player at the close of the event.

In the initial rounds, the top two players with the highest chip counts usually progress to the next round with the number of rounds being dictated by the number of players entering. In the semi-final round only a single player from each table will proceed to the final round.

While most other online casino game tournaments require players to play for the duration of the event, online roulette tournaments often allow players to cash out at any time during the event. This means that a player can stop at any time and have their chip number recorded and it will count towards their standing in the overall Leaderboard.