Paytable Achievement Online Slots What you need to know

We recently came across a player complaint that although they had opted out of receiving all bonuses because they didn't want to have to comply with wagering restrictions at one of the more reputable online casinos, when they hit the jackpot totalling 500 times their original bet but noticed that the casino in question had added a bonus to their account and they could not withdraw their winnings as the wagering requirements for the bonus had to be met.

At first glance, this seemed very strange practice for such a reputable online casino, but on further reading, it turned out that the player had been playing the Immortal Romance video slot.

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Why should the slot that was played matter? While in the case of most online slots it doesn't, but there are a few where it certainly makes all the difference in the world, these are the games that offer Paytable Achievements. To understand this better, let's take a look at what exactly these games are all about and how they function.

Paytable Achievements slots include games like Ariana, Immortal Romance and Playboy™ - all of which are available at Microgaming powered online casinos. These slots offer an added feature where as you play the payout combinations to achieve during a game are tracked and certain combinations appearing will earn you added prizes for achievements earned (all of which are listed on a table for that game within the game's information section). Also, while you're playing the game if you hit a combination unlocking an achievement, a screen will pop up to tell you that you have done so.

AND THIS IS WHERE THE ISSUES HAVE COME IN because at this point the casino will credit your bonus prize to your account automatically. This means that any bonus credits earned are effectively credited to your bonus balance and as such will carry a specific wagering requirement. If you then continue to play using these credits, the casino will hold you to fulfilling the wagering requirements before you cashout.

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According to the player whose complaint we discussed earlier in this article, he/she was willing to sacrifice their jackpot winnings in order to withdraw their original deposit and was refused, but this was probably after the fact that they had wagered using bonus credits, which therefore mean that bonus terms could be applied.

This is obviously a less than ideal situation if you are someone who avoids opting into the bonus and promotional offers but to avoid this type of issue, before you start playing, contact support to find out if you can refuse the bonuses applied to the game and have the credits removed manually. The other alternative is to avoid these games altogether.

It is also important to note that achievements in each game are platform specific, so the achievements you earn when playing on the desktop version of the casino will not be carried over to the mobile version when you play at the mobile casino on your smartphone or tablet device. At this time, however, only Ariana has duel platform capabilities, but don't be surprised if you happen to change platforms and have to start all over again. Think of it as a chance to unlock rewards on two different media and get twice the enjoyment.

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