Slots Strategy and Advice

Thanks to the nature of the game of online slots, as well as Random Number Generators (RNG's) which govern them, slot machines are purely games of chance. There is no way to predict the outcomes of the spins and as such there are no real game play strategies or systems that can be employed to ensure that you will make the best bets every time you spin.

There are however a few tips that you can follow that will give you better understanding of these games and help you to increase your chances of winning. Let's take a look at these now:

  • Before you even look at a slot machine, determine your bankroll and learn how to manage your casino bankroll with these tips. If necessary, put measures in place to ensure that you stick to it. You won't win every time you play, so don't throw good money after bad if you aren't having a lucky day.
  • Research the slot you'd like to play before doing so. You will have a better chance of winning if you know what it's about before you get started.
  • Check the payout percentages of the machines ‐ ideally you want to play on machines offering a 95% average payout or higher, because the higher the payout percentages the higher your chances of winning.
  • In order to understand the paytable of a slot accurately, you need to know what the odds are of hitting certain winning combinations and what amount of coins need to be played as the maximum bet (max bet).
  • Designate a predetermined amount of time that you are prepared to spend on a slot. For example, set out to play 20 spins and if you haven't won a round after these, move on to another machine or stop playing for the day. Common sense is key to long term gains.
  • If you are on a role and enjoying wins on a machine keep playing but keep aside some winnings so that you don't play it all back. Do not suddenly up your betting amount as this is the quickest way to lose all you've gained.
  • The amount that you play is not directly proportional to the amounts that you stand to win. Keep in mind that you need to play the max bet for the coins but you can set the denomination of these to be the lowest that the slot will accept.
  • Find and play on a slot that is suited to your needs. If you have a small budget then play on penny slots where you can enjoy more play time for your money and still receive 97 payout rates.